Listen to Sound Samples

PLEASE NOTE: Because these audio samples have been compressed in order to make the files small enough to play over the web, the audio quality of each sample will not be as high as the audio quality of the CD or MP3 file you receive.

Since these are only brief samples that contain no binaural frequencies, listening to the samples will not provide any of the extensive brainwave effects that would be achieved when listening to the actual CDs or MP3s. These samples are solely for the purpose of previewing the sound of the natural rain or ocean waves used in the audio tracks.

Sample the natural rain used on our CDs and MP3s:


Sample the ocean waves used on our CDs and MP3s:


Our recordings use natural rain or ocean waves recorded live by our own audio engineers in several locations within the U.S. Each track is composed of various rain sounds or ocean waves carefully blended together in a precise mix to complement the listening experience. The binaural frequencies are set directly below the nature sounds.

Using rain, ocean waves, and other soothing sounds to mask the binaural frequencies has been proven to enhance the effectiveness of brainwave audio technology. In his groundbreaking Scientific American article titled “Auditory Beats in the Brain”, Gerald Oster wrote:

“Noise ordinarily masks sounds one wants to hear. For example, ‘static’ sometimes overwhelms a weak radio signal. The perception of binaural beats, however, is enhanced by noise. When the appropriate tones are presented to the ears so that binaural beats are produced, and are accompanied in each ear by noise just loud enough to obscure the tones, the binaural beats become more distinct.” [Oster, Gerald (1973) Auditory Beats in the Brain. Scientific American, 229, pp. 94-102]