Frequently Asked Questions

If I order an MP3 product, will I be able to download it immediately?

Yes. When you order any of our MP3 products, you’ll immediately be directed to a page displaying the link to download your MP3 audio tracks. You’ll also receive the link via email.

Can I play the audio tracks on my iPod or MP3 player?

Downloadable MP3s: Our downloadable MP3 tracks can be played on any iPod or MP3 player. These tracks were specially engineered by our audio technicians so the MP3 compression process wouldn’t reduce the effectiveness of the brainwave technology.

CDs: We don’t recommend converting the CDs directly into MP3 format on your computer at home because the standard conversion process used by programs such as iTunes or Windows Media Player can interfere with the frequencies on the CDs, making the brainwave technology less effective. If you prefer to order the CDs instead of the downloadable MP3s, you can import the CD tracks onto your computer in WAV format, AIFF format, Apple Lossless Format, or any other format that isn’t compressed. The files will be larger than standard MP3 files but the audio quality will be retained and you won’t lose any of the effectiveness.

Can I play the MP3 tracks on my iPad or iPhone?

The short answer to this question is “Yes”. Please see this page about playing the tracks on your iPad or iPhone for more information.

Do I need any special equipment to listen to your audio technology?

Headphones or earphones are required in order for the brainwave technology to have an effect, but any headphones or earphones with a frequency range of 20Hz–18,000Hz or better will work just fine. Most inexpensive headphones or earphones (under $20/pair) can reproduce that range or better, so you won’t need to purchase any expensive equipment in order for the brainwave technology to be effective. For a list of the headphones used and recommended by our staff, please visit our Recommended Headphones page.

Why do you use the sounds of rain or ocean waves on the CDs and MP3s?

The sounds of rain or ocean waves are used to mask the sound of the binaural frequencies and to provide the most pleasant listening experience possible. In addition, it has been proven that masking the frequencies with a form of white noise such as rain enhances the effectiveness of the tones. Please see our Sound Samples page for more details.

Are there any other sounds or voices on the CDs?

There are no vocals or subliminal tracks on the CDs. There are only the frequencies that make up the brainwave technology, and the frequencies are set at a level just below the sound of the rain or ocean waves.

Can I use the Insight, Focus, and Infinity programs in the same day?

If you own more than one of our products, you can use each of the programs during the same day if you’d like. We recommend leaving at least 30 minutes between using one program and using another.

How do I get my free bonus MP3 track?

After placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation message via email. Instructions for downloading your free bonus MP3 file are included in that message.

Can the CDs and MP3s be used by children?

The Focus Program was designed for use by people of all ages and is completely safe for children. Many of our customers are parents who have purchased the Focus Program for their children to use while studying or doing schoolwork. With the Insight Program and the Infinity Program, certain benefits such as increased self-awareness are not as evident in young children because they do not yet have the maturity needed to evaluate their levels of awareness in that manner, but the Insight Program can be effective in areas such as increasing relaxation or improving sleep. The Insight Program also can be used as a tool to teach young children meditation or relaxation techniques.

Can I order your CDs if I live outside the U.S.?

Yes. We ship to countries around the world each day for orders placed through our online store.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Our Insight CD and Focus 2-Disc Set come with a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the Insight CD or the Focus 2-Disc Set, the item may be returned for a full refund of the CD price. To read the complete terms of our money-back guarantee, or if you would like to return an item for a refund, please visit the Refund Policy page for details or instructions.

Do you offer discounts for bulk/quantity orders?

Customers who purchase two or more products together receive a discount: $5 off two items, $7 off three items, or $10 off four items, or $12 off five items.

We also offer wholesale discounts for bulk purchases. In order to make our products easily accessible to healthcare practices and retail stores of all sizes, we offer wholesale pricing for quantities as low as 5 CDs. Please visit our Wholesale Pricing page for more information.