More Processing Power For Your Brain

While using our audio technology, electrical activity and energy patterns in your brain become more widespread throughout the brain instead of remaining confined to certain areas.

When this type of stimulation to the brain occurs, your brain begins to create new neural pathways. The neural stimulation encourages new dendritic growth within the brain. New dendritic growth allows for faster and smoother neural communication in the brain, and also provides more “processing power” in the brain. The dendrites are the many branching fibers extending from the neuron/cell body. These fibers increase the surface area available for receiving incoming information. The more dendrites the brain has at its disposal, the more quickly and smoothly it can process information.

Dendritic growth is a process that occurs throughout your lifetime. Whenever you learn something new, such as learning to play the piano, new dendritic growth occurs as a result of stimulating the mind in a new and different way. At the same time, old dendritic connections can become inactive and dissipate. (The shortening of dendritic branches and the reduction of the number of branches is associated with senility in the elderly.)

One of the goals in using our brainwave technology is to stimulate dendritic growth to occur on an ongoing basis to provide an ideal situation for your brain. This allows your brain to operate at its maximum possible potential and provides long-term benefits, including benefits that work to counteract the debilitating effects of aging.

Through this type of neural development and whole brain synchronization, your brain eventually learns to achieve more powerful states of performance on its own, so that in time these states may be achieved at will.

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