The secret that makes our technology so much more effective

At the Immrama Institute, we worked for several years to develop and test our proprietary harmonically layered audio technology — a new more advanced and more effective form of binaural audio. We call it the next generation in brainwave technology.

Most companies offering binaural audio recordings stop with one frequency, introducing only one binaural beat that may gradually raise or lower your brainwaves into a specific state over a period of time, usually in anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes.

What’s wrong with only one binaural frequency? Your brain operates not in only one frequency but in all brainwave frequencies simultaneously, with one frequency typically being dominant at any given time.

Every moment of the day and night, different parts of your brain are pulsing in delta, theta, alpha, beta, and even gamma frequency ranges, all at the same time. Your brain has its own individual brainwave patterns, incorporating a combination of all the frequencies pulsing in your brain. Just like your fingerprints or vocal patterns, your brainwave patterns are unique to you.

Our CDs and MP3s don’t use just one binaural frequency. Instead, we have developed a unique new form of audio technology that works to create actual patterns, not just single frequencies. Our binaural frequencies are combined in a way that replicates the brain’s natural way of functioning, with frequencies that interact with your own brainwaves to evoke the most powerful response on all levels for a dramatically improved listening experience.

Not only do we layer our binaural frequencies based on the way your brain naturally functions, we also use a form of harmonic layering with a foundation in the principles of music science. This enhances the effectiveness of the audio technology and allows your brain to resonate more quickly, smoothly, and comfortably with the frequencies. (For the technically or musically inclined, more technical details regarding our harmonic layering process may be found here.)

The Immrama Institute developed this proprietary technology and is the only company using it. Our harmonic layering process is something we have never seen in any other brainwave product, and we have thoroughly studied every other binaural product we have encountered. We consider our technology a truly unique and innovative approach to brainwave audio technology, and its high level of efffectiveness for our customers has definitely proven its value.

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